Discover Rosanky Baptist Church

Welcome to

Rosanky Baptist Church

We are a Christ Centered, Caring Church Family. 


Our mission is to love God and each other, and to share with others the Good News of Jesus Christ as we worship, teach and serve. "Where there is no vision, the people perish."



God’s Truth

We recognize that the truth of God’s word is ultimate as it guides us to accomplish His vision for us. Holy God is doing some Incredible things here, and we believe he is just beginning.


God’s Mission

God’s mission drives us to engage a culture in need of hope and acceptance. Through the Gospel, we are able to focus on the larger picture of God’s mission. We are asking Holy God to bring the right people our way to help us reach individuals and families for the cause of Christ.

Life Transformation

While learning and gaining knowledge are keys to spiritual growth, if it is not accompanied by life transformation, then God’s mission cannot be accomplished. Renewed life to Godly living, Christ honoring homes and being a personal witness for Christ.

All Generations

When we value all generations, we are stronger and able to see the value that each generation brings to accomplishing God’s vision. Record growth and development of Rosanky Christian Academy to train Godly young people. Reaching the lost in ministering the Gospel into new areas and expansion of youth and children's ministries.

Lifestyle Worship

Revival of Holy God's presence and a hunger and thirst for Holiness in in every individual and Family that walks through our door. We seek to live a lifestyle of worship on a daily basis, not just on Sunday.

Generous Living

We seek to be generous with all that God has given us. Through our time, talents, prayers for one another and placing our Holy God before all, His (God) mission is furthered.




How to Become a Member of RBC

  • By Profession of Faith and Baptism
  • By Transfer of Letter
  • By Statement of Faith

You may express your desire to fulfill any of the above by presenting yourself as a candidate for membership during the invitation at the close of each service.  Of course, any decision assumes your commitment to faithful worship and participation in our Lord’s work at Rosanky Baptist Church.


When Praying About a Church


You need a place to be DISCIPLED

Discern if the Pastor and people have a heart to include and teach others. Ask how the church facilitates this:  by a strong pulpit ministry and sound teaching of the Bible.


You need a place to be CHALLENGED

Seek a Pastor and People who have a passion for God and compassion for others.  Ask about the emphasis put on the home and reaching the lost.


You need a place to be USED

Look for a Pastor and People with God’s vision for what He wants to do through His Church.  Ask God to lead you to the right place of service that He has chosen for you.


*For more information, call the Church Office.